Sri Japji Sahib Vyakhya | Pauri 6 To 10 (Punjabi)

34034 views | 20 Mar 2020

Sri Japji Sahib Vyakhya | Pauri 6 to 10 Sri Japji Sahib is the eternal bani composed by Sri Guru Nanak Dev. It marks the beginning of the timeless classic work of great Gurus, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa has beautifully and thoroughly expounded upon the profound hymns of Sri Japji Sahib. Endowed with ordinary understanding a common man tends to get entangled only in the literal meanings of the words and remains unaware of the essential message. This is where the illuminating expositions by Anandmurti Gurumaa help as they bring to light the essence of the bani, guiding the seeker on the path inwards.

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