Spirituality, Hypnotism And Past Life Regression Are Inter Related

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Q: Gurumaa, can one keep practicing spirituality, past life regressions and hypnotism at the same time while sitting in meditation? Reason for this question is - we are taught to meditate to get rid of birth--rebirth. What is the basic difference in salvation and birth & rebirth? Gurumaa: Well, you seem to be pretty confused about what you should do & what you should not do and past life regression might be something which one goes for once in a while. You don't do it everyday & for hypnotism - I don't know what is the need to do that. And if you are hooked up to hypnotism, then go ahead and do that. Spirituality & hypnotism - all things are as such inter-related and all things are actually very independent of one another. Please correct your priority first what you really wish to do.

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