Ram Mantra

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Meditative chanting of Ram Mantra by revered Anandmurti Gurumaa. These chants are part of Rama mantra kirtan meditation (Ram Ras) given by the Master. 'Ram Rameti Rameti, Rame Raame Mano Rame, Sahasranama Tatulyam Rama Nama Varanane' It is said that chanting the holy name 'Rama' just once is equivalent to singing a thousand names of the divine. Immeasurable is the power of this divine name Rama! Sages have spoken on the greatness of 'Rama Nama' since time immemorial. Rama is not only the name of Lord Rama, but it also signifies the omnipresent, all pervading eternal consciousness, dwelling within every particle of this universe. 'Rama Nama' was sung with great love and devotion by devotees of 'saguna' or Lord with form as well as 'nirguna' or the formless divine! What is it in this 'Name' that makes saints so intoxicated with love? Partake of this blissful experience with the master Anandmurti Gurumaa and all the devotees of the Lord in 'Ram Ras Kirtan'. The beauty of this kirtan is that the master chants with you, she sings with you and at every step reminds you to be present and sincerely sing the holy name with all your heart, mind and soul! This japa meditation begins with long deep breathing and chanting Ram with every breath. Anandmurti Gurumaa describes this as a purification of the heart before welcoming the Beloved to reside in it! This chanting gradually melts into a vibrant kirtan which makes a devotee sing and dance without any inhibitions. The chants build up, reach a crescendo and go down, only to build the enthusiasm all over again. This mantra meditation ends with a blissful prayer of sharing the nectar or 'Ram Ras' with every soul around and bowing down in utter gratitude to the 'Ram' within your own heart.

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