Punjabi Bhajan | Panjaan Tattan De Sharir Naal Pyaar Na Kareen

12030 views | 26 Aug 2023

O Mind, don't commit the mistake of falling in love with this body. This mortal frame comprising five elements is transitory in nature and bound to break away- Don't ruin yourself by forging the bonds of attachments with it. Instead, be in the uplifting company of compassionate Sages who know the way and can help you snap out from this never-ending loop of life and death. Listen to this hard-hitting Punjabi composition evoking dispassion and deep wisdom, in the melodious voice of Anandmurti Gurumaa, and be set on the path of Self-exploration! The featured video has been drawn from Amrit Varsha discourses held at Leicester, UK in 2015.

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