Psychologists Don't Help; How To Overcome Worry And Fear?

3328 views | 30 May 2011

Question: Is the length of everyone's life already determined and do I have a role in it? Can I prevent bad things from happening to me/my family? I worry about bad karmas done by me in past lives. Also, I am addicted to hand washing, throw away 'contaminated' things. I isolate myself from my family and fear that they will catch my germs, get sick and from a horrible disease because of me. I don't know if I am sick or if I have germs. Worry about family consumes me. I left studies because I can't focus. Psychologists don't help. People tell me to pray to Hanuman. What to do? Gurumaa: Jaya, it is true that this is a mental disorder, and we call it ADD and OCD, which requires psychiatric treatment, because there are chemicals which are not being secreted properly in the brain. Hence, external chemicals in the form of a drug is required that only a psychiatrist can advise you—I cannot help you with that. But one thing is for sure, this is a disease of the mind that can be cured, and if you work patiently, then definitely you will be a very healthy person and live your life with love and joy and need not live your life with fear. For now, I recommend that you find a psychiatrist who can do the analysis and recommend the right dosages of medicine. In the meantime, I can say why don't you do pranayama and anuloma-viloma and secondly, there is one method of dharana and relaxation called yoga nidra, if you can get the cd and do it every day, you have to follow a basic routine of asanas as well. But I still recommend you see a good psychiatrist first.

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