Process Of Witnessing During Meditation

2352 views | 27 Oct 2009

Question: Pranam. With your grace I have been practicing meditation since last one year. I do Pranav and kirtan dhyan, I witness quite strange thoughts in mid of meditation for short intervals say for 3 to 5 seconds and then they shed away for example pictures of a person's face flew by & he will be doing some strange weird act. I get worried in between and also after the meditation. Please guide accordingly. Anandmurti Gurumaa: Suprit, while doing dhyan, if your mind is getting absorbed in some kind of thoughts, oscillations for 3 to 5 seconds well, that is not something which you should complain about. 3-5 second is something which you can really ignore. So don't be so concerned about it. Regarding the faces which appear in front of you that is just fragmentation of your own mind. The devil is in our mind, the so called bhoot-pari, mind in itself is a biggest bhoot and you don't need any other bhoot. Mind has this capacity to create these weird images in front of you. Just remain calm & be the witness to whatever you see, soon you will find that it just passes away. Keep your focus on your breath at that time & keep your focus on this one thought, whatever we see with our eyes is false, it is just a dream, it is just an illusion. The more constantly you remember this, the more stoic & strong you will be.

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