Please Guide Me On My Meditation Experiences.

959 views | 02 Jul 2009

Mystic Master Anandmurti Gurumaa answers the following question asked by a seeker. Q : When I meditate something like energies coming from the top connecting and flowing, I can feel the body and I can experience the energy, when I shake the body it attracts like a magnet when I sit straight it connects and flows through the body. When I hear spiritual sounds or do chanting it happens again and I feel some happiness too. What is this? A: Well! These are the fruits of doing prayers, chanting and meditation. Experiencing these vibrations in your body, experiencing this rising energy in your spine, in your head in your whole body that is fine, there is nothing to worry. So it is a good sign about your development but please don't be stuck in it because all things come to go.

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