New Release | Aaye Hain Shankar Ki Nagariya

451441 views | 30 Jul 2020

'Aaye hain Shankar ki nagariya’ is a devotional hymn, composed by Revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa. It is a euphoric compilation whose jubilating tunes will make you nonchalant towards the disquieting world and transcend you instantly into your own blissful state. The path of devotion encompasses an enchanting opera of love between the devotee and the Lord. Such devotion allows for complete surrender and withdrawal from the apparent world and its fallacies. Absorbed in this emotion of one-pointed love that consolidates his being, the devotee embarks upon an exploration to meet his beloved. With heart brimming in love, and eyes beaming in anticipation for the final unison with his ishta (deity)- Lord Shiva, the devotee treads on the path leading to the town which is the lord’s royal dominion. This devotional hymn exemplifies and lauds the adoration of a devotee for his beloved, pining for him and calling him out with pluralistic epithets. Shiva here is referred to as Sundreshwara, emphasising on his transcendental beauty and magnificence such that his mere glimpse leaves one captivated and mesmerised. Kāmeshwara encapsulates the alluring and ethereal persona of Shiva, his spell-bounding semblance is an embodiment of Kāmadeva-the Hindu God of love and desire. Someshwara, expresses how Lord Shiva is an epitome of the eternal Absolute being, brimming with the nectar of divine elixir. Jageshwara signifies his ever-conscious state. He is the omniscient, all-knower, the ever-wakeful Absolute existence. And as he has been worshipped by the other manifestations of the Absolute reality as well, non-distinct to him in actuality, such as Lord Rāma, out of immense adoration and love he is called Rameshwara. The various attributes of the Absolute just emphasise how unparalleled his grandeur and glory is. He is the pure, supreme and the ultimate substratum of our very own existence. Shiva is the essence of the supreme-Conscious. And hence when a devote yearns to unite with his ishta, after having suffered from pangs of separation, he longs for liberation. It is indeed a call out to the same existential truth which is not plural, rather is the underlying reality of the universe, inclusive of his own being. So dive into the ocean of love and let yourself sway to the elating rhythms, allowing you to transcend into a state of dissolution of your being in the Supreme reality. Lyrics, composed & sung by Anandmurti Gurumaa Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at G-studios © ℗ All rights reserved with Gurumaa Vani. Unauthorised use prohibited.

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