Mool Mantra Ik Onkar 108 Tmes

11761572 views | 30 Jul 2013

Imbibe the divine vibrations of Mool Mantra with this soulful & uplifting chanting by Anandmurti Gurumaa. There is a great significance of this mantra as it is the first hymn in the Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the first composition, the first teaching uttered by Sri Guru Nanak Dev. He encapsulated the infinite ultimate reality in this Mool Mantra. This mantra expresses the inexpressible and contains the essence of Japji Sahib. It is like opening the gates of wisdom for the seekers. This has been drawn from the album titled Mool Mantra which also features the essential meaning of every word of this mantra unraveled by the revered master. Listen to it with an open heart and mind to let the mantra take you on the journey to truth.

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