Mahamritunjaya Mantra -- A Code To Defy Demise

9189 views | 12 Feb 2011

Do you know that it is not just the mantra but the energy behind it that frees your body and mind of all the afflictions? Expounding the greatness of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, the revered mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains that this mantra is a potent weapon that leads to meteoric rise in one's level of consciousness. Besides, its regular practice under the able guidance of a mystic master, mitigates one's greatest fear in life -- the fear of Om- the essence of all the wisdom Trayambakam- the 'three' eyed lord Shiva Yajamahe -- we offer you our hearty prayers Sugandhim -- may every nook & cranny of my heart be soaked with divine fragrance Pushtivarthanam -- rejuvenate my body, mind & spirit Urvarukmiv -- just like a ripened cucumber detaches itself from the creeper naturally Bandhanaan -- may I be liberated from all the shackles of ego Mrityor Mukshiya -- may I be freed from fear of untimely and from ignorance Mamritaat -- with your blessings, let me be able to drink this divine nectar With this mantra, a seeker prays that may his life be filled with the divine love, meditation, spiritual conviction and he becomes powerful with the inner energy.

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