Learn To Manoeuvre The Flow Of Energy Within The Body-2

1277 views | 31 Jan 2010

In our physical body, there exists a bio plasmic body which we cannot see. Modern medicine accepts the existence of this body and treatments such as acupressure, acupuncture, stone treatment and reiki are used to heal this body through the physical body. Even the diseases reach our bio plasmic body first and then only after a few months hit our physical body. And in this very bio plasmic body, is a flow channel called nadis. Nadis does not mean nerves but flow. In our body, there are approx 3.5 lakh such flows. When we meditate, we at times feel the vibration or warmth etc. This is nothing but the untamed energy rising up. If our body is not purified through asans and pranayamas, we may not be able to handle this energy. If you want to know how to manoeuvre this energy, absorb this energy, use this energy, then watch this striking video.

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