Key To Transcend The Ego

1167 views | 26 Oct 2009

I would like to know from where does the ego come? When I am born, I have ego. My understanding is, society or parents give you a name & they impose you I, me, myself syndrome so that you can function in society and that is what you can then believe for years. Then after experiencing intense pain & doing constant introspection I feel this is the very cause of separateness. And now Master say we all are one from the core of our being this very minus has created suffering. So I feel that what I learned is incorrect as how society, family, different would function then? Society is dominated by me, my, myself syndrome. Kindly advise me what to do and thank you so much for this opportunity. master Anandmurti Gurumaa: - Vaishali, ego is not created by society, we are born with it. The only thing is that your family, society and surroundings are just going to polish it and strengthen it more & more, empower it. They definitely separate us from existence and this creates this wall in between you & me, in between me & God, in between me & the existence. At the level of the interaction with the society we do need this so called label on us but that doesn't mean we should carry with this ego structure all the time with us. Knowing it, this is just a part that I have to use the word I, me, myself when I am interacting with those who won't understand if I use the words, the body needs water, or this table is owned by this body named Vaishali etc., you need not use this language. At that level using the word me, myself should be fine but realization from within should always be there; this body is not me, so this identity is not mine, this identity of body is not true identity of self.

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