Key To Realization Of The Highest Wisdom

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I am 19 years old and I am suffering from chronic disease myelogenous leukemia. It is a type of cancer but is curable. I am undergoing treatment for the disease and I seek your blessings. Gurumaa! For complete cure, please guide as to what sort of meditation should I do and what spiritual practice should I follow that would cure me soon from my disease. Yours faithfully, Kunal. master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Dear Kunal, Nothing to worry! This lukomia cant harm you at all. I know that I am pretty late in replying to this question of yours. I am sorry for that as I was really tired travelling all the time, meeting people like you & working with them. Anyhow I hope that you are recovering & doing better and let me know, do send me e-mail and my heart goes out for you. Everyday in the morning or whenever it is suitable for you, just focus on the third eye point and chant Om Namah Shivay and with every Mantra just visualize your whole body is getting illumine with white, coloured light. It is a strong light and this light is healing your body right from your head and then spreading to whole of your body. It goes all the way goes to your foot & keep on going with Om Namah Shivay. And hopefully you use your mind well. Dont allow your mind to have a regressive thought or to think negatively. Just do your mantra and have faith in Lord. See! this is very important: if you are destined, as we are in a journey, know this that this set of parents and this family, house which you have got now is just playing a small role in this long journey of yours and how long this whole drama will go on, we dont know. And dont be too attached with this particular episode which is happening now. This world is nothing more then a drama. Besides, meditates upon your dreams. Every morning when you wake up from your sleep just meditate on what you dreamt today and then think again about the sky, the house, the people, the things which you see and the things which you did in your dreams. The whole big vast world was there, but it is just an illusion and the moment you woke up, the whole world is gone as if it never existed. This so called real world too is just an illusion and wise are those who have understood this and those who are not wise, think of this world as real and then they get terrorised with diseases, pains and then they suffer. May God help you to realize this highest wisdom.

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