Jeevan Da Mainu Anand Aa Gaya Hai

187925 views | 18 Jul 2009

Mesmerizing Punjabi Guru bhajan 'Jeevan da mainu anand aa gaya hai' in Anandmurti master Anandmurti Gurumaa's soulful voice. When the lover finally merges with the Beloved, there is no separation; there is neither beginning nor end. After yearning endlessly for that union, when it finally happens, the individual self simply disappears like a drop in the ocean of Self. This beautiful, rare experience is indeed a transformation of the highest order and Anandmurti Anandmurti Gurumaa sings about this exalted state in this amazing bhajan. If we can learn to listen with our heart to these lyrics, their sheer magnificence envelopes us and our inner wisdom finds fertile ground on which its tender seeds can ultimately blossom.

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