Is There A Possible Cure For Sleep Apnea With Yoga?

25743 views | 30 May 2011

Question: For the past 3 or 4 years, I have started snoring really loud. I live alone, so I didn't come to know until lot of people told me about that. I got the sleep study done and diagnosed that I have obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimes I'm really scared to even go to sleep because I'm thinking that I might stop breathing and. I'm not over weight; my body mass index is within ideal limits. Maa ji is there any cure for sleep apnea and snoring through yoga? Or surgery is the only cure? Gurumaa: Jayakrishna, although your doctor must have recommended getting the surgery done, that is one option if you wish, then you should definitely go for it because our life is much more precious and important. As for yoga, there is no simple solution; you need to be in a yoga ashram, any yoga ashram that is authenticated, and not just a commercial ashram. Maybe you can come to my ashram, you'll have to learn certain asanas, most importantly pranayama, and you'll have to learn cleansing techniques. One would be jala neti and second would be vastra dothi, now these two techniques are a little complicated and one needs to do them under a guided teacher, it cannot be taught on the internet. So I recommend that do not be too fearful, or do not lose too much more time, and do come here as earliest as you can. Or if someone can teach you where you are, make sure you learn jala neti, vastra dothi, and basic asanas like shirshasana, sarvangasana, and also singh garjana are very important for you. Don't be scared—this is the only advice I can give you from a long distance.

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