Is It Important To Seek Physical Presence Of A Guru?

381 views | 15 Dec 2009

Q : Being a married and working lady, I hardly get any opportunity to do the spiritual practice in the physical presence of the Guru. But I am trying to get into step with my own inner intuitions. Gurumaa! Should I proceed this way or should I really seek the physical presence of Guru? Gurumaa: The Guru is definitely needed in the physical form to learn the way in your initial stages, once you have gone through your initial stages, then it is time to practice what the Guru has taught you. Being close to the Guru & not practicing would be a worse case & so would be that if you never met a Guru, never surrender, never learnt technically correct method, but you are practicing something & being dependent on your intuitive powers. But I really wonder, what kind of intuitive powers? So do not practise the mix match policy. The need of being with the Master is definitely going to be bigger. I can understand your job, your home & your responsibilities are important for you. But is this not important too? Say if in a bitter situation, you fall sick. Will you not leave your job & treat yourself first? And if your loved ones need your care, will you not take off from your job to take care of your loved ones? So in this case, you need to take care of yourself first & to do that you definitely need to learn the practices from the Master.

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