If Everything Is Done By God, Then Who Acts Evil?

4245 views | 10 Jul 2009

Question: Is everything done by God? As the scriptures say, Karta Purakh. The Geeta also says, All feelings are generated by me. Upanishads also have many verses of it. I am not able to understand who commits evils and wrongs. Gurumaa Answers: Dear Ankush, you have just confused your mind by attaching great statements of great scriptures spoken by great individuals who said these lines in a moment of great ecstasy, in great bliss, great calm and great peace. They were not lazy, inert, insincere, dishonest people. They said, everything that happens is because of God. All these individuals who wrote Shri Japji Saheb or the Geeta or the Upanishads, were people who were like warriors who had been waging this war to cut through the veil of darkness to move towards the illuminating light. After working diligently in this direction when they finally attained the great heights, they never had this ego which could claim that I have achieved this. If you have an ego, you can never attain anything. They never had this ego, so they gave the whole credit to this unseen, invisible existence saying that God gave us everything. It is only with the blessing of God that we have experienced these great heights. These are just signs of their great humbleness, not signs of a person who is hell-bent on working hard in worldly affairs. But wherever the spiritual thing comes, he just says whenever God will make me do, it will happen. But if God does not make me do, how can I do it? Well then, how does this person run after sansara with so much of valour? So, who does evils and wrongs? It is you; it is your mind which is doing evils and wrongs. And it is going to be your mind which is going to do good, virtuous, noble and spiritual actions. So please do not put the blame on God and maybe, on behalf of God, I am saying this, do not blame me for all the evils and wrong things which are happening in the world.

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