I Do Not Have Peace Of Mind Despite All Riches Of World.

1152 views | 26 Oct 2009

My father asked that by and large God has given me everything what I prayed for but peace of mind is still illusory for me. Why? Please guide me. master Anandmurti Gurumaa: - Well when you say God has given me everything, you are just talking about things, house, family, children, shop, money, prestige, status; you are not talking about real gems. Real gems are wisdom, love, surrender, and contemplation. You dont have them, so please dont say that God has given you everything. But whatever you sought, you got it. You have never sought that can bring you out of your Ashanti. You really now have to work on this path. If you were satisfied with your material gains, societal gains, then you didnt have asked this question. You have given 73 years of life to world, to family, to society, to appeasement of your mind, for gratification of your senses, what have you done for yourself, the real self? I think it is still not too late; you can still give yourself a wakeup call and learn how to do the right thing in your life.

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