I Am Feeling Suicidal Because Of The Great Pain And Grief Of Losing My Mother. Please Help Me.

2331 views | 26 Oct 2009

I lost my dad when I was 13, today I am 32 years old. My mother was a government servant. My mother suddenly faced a severe heart attack and passed away in July 2009. Now I feed off miseries, struggle, and troubles and on the top I am unable to cope up with the grief of losing my mother who was healthy, at the age of 68, when she passed away suddenly. I have taken Mantra deeksha from one Sadhu five years back but that did not change my life. I am planning to finish my life as I am unable to tolerate the pain and grief of losing my mother, the vacuum that has been created because of her loss. Please tell me what should I do. master Anandmurti Gurumaa:- Rajiv, my dear Rajiv, please do not think so negatively. It is true that you have lost both of your parents. Your father Expire when you were young and now your mother has passed away. But that does not mean that life ends with that. Life is bounti ful of experience, life is a journey. People come, they walk for a few years with you & then they have their own journeys to follow. So you should say adieu to them & keep their fond memories with you but do not be attached so much that you cannot even live without them. Just look around; every where it is beautiful, life is a boon, life is sacred, life is a celebration but if you have lost the insight to see and understand what life is, then this is what will happen. Pessimism, narcissistic thought processes, and the greatest sin which any person can commit and that is ending your life. God gave you life, so only God has the right to take this life away, you have no right to do that. You should learn ways, means, methods and do right efforts to enrich your life. Biologically your parents are no more, but spiritually you are never an orphan because God is our parent and God is in you. You will not be able to understand this but know this that you are not alone and maybe you can then come here, Rajiv, maybe things will go a little better for you.

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