Hridaya Samvaada : 19 June 2022

29835 views | 19 Jun 2022

Revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa began today's session of Hridaya Samvaada by explaining the significance of ending a Stuti with three times chanting of 'Om Shanti; Shanti; Shanti' and how the practice is instrumental in harmonising our body at all three levels- the gross, the subtle, and the causal. Benevolent Master also spoke highly of having Sanayasis and Mahatmas in our life and how listening to their words of liberating wisdom can help us turn inwards and understand the functioning of our mind at the deeper levels. Also, since the Masters never speak anything outside of our revered Shastras, it inevitably leads us to the study of our sacred scriptures too. In response to a seeker's question, the sagacious Master also explained the correct way of doing an AUM Dhyana while illustrating the points to keep the focus on so that a Sadhak can intensify their practice and gradually move deeper into it. The talks also focused on how to remove the 'doership' from the executed actions and why it is significant. And, what can one do to improve their memory's retaining capacity? The Revered Master ended the session by paying salutations to the great sages of the great Bharata who gave us Brahamvidya through the sacred texts like Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. If we are able to imbibe only a few droplets of the enlightening wisdom encapsulated in them, it will certainly be a well-lived, meaningful life.

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