How To Strengthen The Sankalpa Of Getting Up Early Morning?

3971 views | 15 Dec 2009

Q : Everyday in the night I take a sankalpa resolve, that I shall get up early morning and do asanas / bathe / follow up with sakriya dhyan dynamic meditation. Set the alarm too for 4:30. But as the alarm rings I keep it to snooze and then snooze off too. I know for sure that I myself am to be blamed but it does not help the cause as next day it is the same story. Day after day, week after week I am feeling ashamed to write this as I am on leave presently and still unable to get up early. Please advise some stringent measures which will allow me to continue my sadhana. You had once said that if you cannot get up in amrit vela, forget about anything else. Forget even about being healthy. I hope Gurumaa that you understand my plight. When in the ashram, I used to get up on time and continue my sadhana. I am in the merchant navy and would like to continue to follow your advice at sea too. I would be away from the family for about 4 months. Master, I really do not know what I would have been, had you not been in my life. Gurumaa Answer: Well for that may be you should come & live here in the Ashram for some time. Because at 4.30 if you will not wake up on your own, then we have a solution for that. You dont need to bring your alarm clock with you & you dont need to set up alarm. We will make sure by 4.30 if you are not up, a bucket full of water would be poured on your head and definitely in this winter, you will be out of your bed without any delay.

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