How To React When Somebody Misbehaves Or Talks Rudely?

7629 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: How to react with others when somebody misbehave or talk rudely, scold even we are not in fault etc.? We have to react or not. What to do? How to handle that type of situation? Gurumaa :Well, I can not be a guide to these wavery and ever changing situations in your life. What I can say is when you think that no one should misbehave with you then definitely it will bother you. When some one talks rudely to you, yes it will offend you but what about changing your point of view & you stop expecting people to act as you want them to act. And know this that everyone is bound with their own nature & the mind and the whole cobweb of those unfulfilled desires & hurt egos are in the back ground of that persons action & words which that person is using. May be that person is really hurt & in the hell of his own. And he is just grunting out because of that pain which that person is going through. Why not be that compassionate for that person who is already hurting himself. Why not go & hug that person & help that person to know that you are there for him & there is no need to be in that anger & may be give him a glass of water so that person cools down & may be that person hits you back again with more words. But still you can not expect people to change for you. You can not make them behave well with you. But you can change your attitude & you can stop expecting people to behave nicely all the times with you. If you keep yourself calm & collective then it wont bother you whether that person is rude or not & in certain situations it is good to hold your tongue at that time. May be when things cool down sit with that person & talk it out & communicate what ever your opinion or your theory about the situation is.

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