How To Know More About Re-birth?

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Q : People always ask us about punar janam here in Pakistan. Could you please tell us how we should respond to these questions? Gurumaa: Why do you think you are obligated to answer all kinds of questions? See, you yourself are not in a position to, since you do not have a direct experience about what punar janam is. Do you? Do you know who you were in your previous birth? Where it happened & how it happened? So before you go forward to help others to make them understand that punar-janam does happen, you really need to go within yourself & there are certain ways, for example, past life regression and then there is some sadhana which may open up those chapters of your past life in front of you. It is debatable - actually people love debating & discussing. So they pick up these points & try to make you feel inferior because of your beliefs and they wish to prove whatever they know & their belief is greater than that of yours. So it is just a petty human egoistic game. It is a question of exploration. Those who wish to explore this will know whether reincarnation happens or not. It is not a question of just mere belief and know it when Shri Krishna says that we were born, he is not giving us a belief. It is the experience of Krishna and that is what he is sharing with us and so on and so forth. And let me tell you, if you read the Poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi or you read the Poetry of Baba Bulleshah, they too have endorsed this and from their experience, they are saying this that reincarnation does occur.

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