How To Free The Mind From Jealousy?

7119 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: I know I am not a bad person and I am trying hard to be on my Satguru's path but I don't know how to control jealousy as it is taking me away from what my Satguru bhagwan's teachings and I can't be away from my Satguru. I feel I will lose my Satguru if I don't control jealousy feelings that keep coming in my heart. Gurumaa: Well, you know the problem & you already know the solution so what else can I say listen to that good thought which is coming in you. You will have to let go your inferiority complexes, the jealousy is only there when you wish to be in that persons situation or place. And you are not, hence you get angry & that anger can be termed as a jealousy. Learn to be with yourself and kick out this inferiority complex. And why do you give so much important to other people that you have to worry about them & think about them and then be jealous about them. Dont you have something fruitful & positive to do in your life.

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