How To Deal With Depression? How To Rise Above My Depressive Situation?

4571 views | 31 May 2011

Question: From childhood, I have been around people suffering from depression and after marriage also, the same is the situation. I am from a poor family background because of which I am suffering a lot. I am neither allowed to go and meet my parents nor my master. I feel as if I am in prison. I want to be free like a bird but I have no option. I am afraid. I don't want to be a depressive person. Please show me a way - what to do? Gurumaa: First of all, you'll have to understand that if you will allow others to make you a prisoner, only then you will be in jail. But if you do not allow others to create these walls for you, then you won't be stuck in jail. If you wish to be like a free bird, then you have to earn this freedom. Freedom comes from wisdom, which comes with knowledge and courage. So be courageous, be wise and fly! No one can stop you. Don't use your depressive situation and your relatives as a cause for your own depression. Until you don't allow it yourself, nothing can stop you. Maybe do lots of gayatri mantra japa in your mind. If you can sit and do it, perfect; if you can't have this exclusive time for yourself then maybe while just walking, cooking, washing begin to do the japa. Let it become a conscious habit and this japa will have a magical effect upon you!

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