How To Deal With Contrary Circumstances?

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Q : Gurudev I am 30 yrs old. I am married and I have a 2 yrs old son. I always try to make all people happy around me. Gurudev, I always try to make my parents and my wife happy and give all facilities to them as many as I can. However, I end up facing them fighting each other for small-small reasons. In that situation, I loose my patience. I am diabetic and anger is not at all good for me. Gurudev, could you please guide me what to do in these circumstances? Gurumaa Answer: People have small minds & small hearts and small minds are filled with greed, selfish egos, jealousies, prejudices so what would they do? They can only fight, they can only create commotion & confusions & fightings. And if you are concerned about your health & your wellbeing, then you have to learn to watch all this tamasha (drama) happening in front of you as if you are watching a movie, so the characters in the movie are fighting, running, romancing, kicking, punching and what you do, you pay money, you buy a ticket, you sit on the seat and watch this whole drama, so here you are Suresh sitting in your drying room, no ticket to be bought, and see this free show and just be a witness for that.

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