How To Come Out Of Problematic Mental State?

1090 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: My dear Gurumaa..... Please help me ... I want to be free from confusions, unsatisfactions, thirst of getting so many things..... I want to be at peace and calm like you all the time... please help me.... I am in China studying medicine... I want to come to you... I could not help myself.. Gurumaa: Dear Arati - you really seem to be in a very problematic mental state. What you need for now is - just throw off all this bad stuff which you are carrying in your mind and Urja(dynamic meditation) would be of great help. From my web site, do down load the methodology of Urja & practice it everyday. Do mantra chanting everyday and know - life is not easy, life comes with its own package of hurdles & challenges and be a woman of a metal and dont get over bored, focus upon your mind, integrate your mind. You have gone there to do the study, so do the study. Your time should be more utilised with your books, with understanding your syllabus and just try not to be in any affair or something like that. Save yourself from these relationships, cobwebs. It wont help and if you are already in, better come out of that. For now, it should be your education as your prime focus - nothing else.

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