How Do I Quit Smoking?

1378 views | 15 Dec 2009

Q : I am a devotee of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj. I believe in him a lot. I was in bad company and have developed the habit of smoking. Now I want to get rid of it but am not able to do so. I need your guidance. No one in my family has any such bad habits. Well, Vishnu if it is bad, then it should not be difficult to drop it. I think because of your social & ethical moral training, you consider smoking to be a bad habit. But in your heart, you are enjoying smoking & that is why your mind wins because your mind is relishing the smoke; the mind is enjoying the cigarettes. So to hell with all moral & ethical conditioning, you go ahead & you are enjoying your habit. Bad or good is something which people have defined. But is it not true that you are enjoying smoking and thats why you are smoking. The day you will begin to feel that it is bad for my lungs; it will damage my lungs and alveoli. It will increase the carbon dioxide thats how I will lose my health. There is a chance of developing tuberculosis or even cancer because of the smoking. The day you understand this, that would be the last day when you pick up the cigarette like James Bond and enjoy the smoke as the hero of a film. So as long as you enjoy it, you will do it.

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