How Can I Overcome My Stammering And Sweating Problem?

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Question:I am dealing with a lot of mental and physical problems. I have excessive sweating problems since I was 12, now I am 24. I have stammering problem since childhood. This is really affecting my studies. Whenever I go to university, I get nervous because of sweating and stammering. How can I overcome this? This is affecting my mind and I often start crying and I don't feel like studying. Restrictions, pressures, too much work, these things affect me a lot. Gurumaa: You are now 24, an —so why can't you come here to the ashram and stay here for some time, a minimum duration of 10 days and just drink all of the good juices which are being secreted over here. You will be able to learn basic yoga and pranayama, and be able to join sessions of mantra japa and discourses and interactive sessions. You will be able to fill yourself with great positive vibes and about stammering, that is easily manageable and about sweating, your glands are overactive and you have a mind full of anxiety. If you practice some asana and cleansing techniques, these problems can be treated. Nothing to worry about.

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