How Can I Help My Father Control His Anger?

1922 views | 10 Dec 2009

Q: I am a tenth class student and my dad is spiritual, he has also taken diksha and he is also doing japa daily from last 10 years. But day by day he is becoming rude and don't have any control on his anger. Sometimes he says such things which make me cry. I want to know that how he can control his anger and what should I do when he speaks something which he really does not mean. Can any changes come in him after attending your dhyan yog shivir? master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Dear Esha, being spiritual is very different from being a religious person. It seems that your father is a religious person who performs his japa everyday, but the japa which is being done without warm feelings, without affectionate heart, without devotion, will not ripe any fruits at all. The changes in human mind are only possible when a person takes the stock, takes control of the situation & realizes that these are my flaws and I have to come out of these. And if one is not able to understand what errors of personality are there, then one definitely needs guidance of the Master who can identify the mistakes, the errors, the flaws of the human mind & then guide the person to come out of that. You are asking this question on behalf of your father but I cant give answer for behalf, I can only answer to him. I think if he comes to me and listens attentively and realizes that he has to come out of his anger then maybe it is possible that he comes out of the anger & does not hurt you by saying such things to you or anyone else which finally breaks heart.

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