Har Aan Mein | Swami Ram Tirth's Vedantic Bhajan

9266 views | 27 Feb 2020

In every show of vanity, guise & mannerism, realise your Beloved! If you are a true lover, recognise Beloved in every appearance! The mystic poet Swami Ram Tirth surely weaves magic... Painting the picture of whole world with his beautiful use of apt Urdu & Persian words in this Vedantic bhajan. He asks the true seeker to begin looking for the Beloved in the heart & then realise outside. In garden, forest & every stone: in all colourless & colourful; in all colours, beats & music compositions; in Rome, India & the whole world; in all destinations & milestones; in every path & companion; in hustle and bustle, war & peace; it is the Beloved. Some laugh, some are miserable; some cry, some dance & play music; some are in tatters while others are dressed up in their fineries; some show off their money & pride; when seen carefully it is all Beloved's game. Relish the poetry & enchanting rendition by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa.

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