ज्ञानी के संचित कर्मों का क्या होता है?

11549 views | 18 Sep 2023

A must watch video for all those seekers who have an inclination towards understanding the secrets of karma and bearing the fruits of the same. It is commonly accepted that if one performs pious deeds the result is happiness and on the other hand the result of sinful acts is misery and sorrow. But does the same principle of karma apply on the a Self-Realised Being as well? A Gyani who has burnt the seeds and terminated the potential to germinate into plants and trees, who has realised his true Self; What happens to his accumulated actions of numerous previous births? Such questions commonly occur to a seeker who has just begun his journey and wishes to unravel the mysterious ways of an already established being just like Arjuna questioned Lord Krishna. And just like Lord Krishna, revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa answers for us seekers.

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