Guru Shishya Sambandh

52316 views | 10 Jun 2011

Satsang by Anandmurti Gurumaa. The amazing tradition of the relationship between Guru and shishya - master and disciple, in a spiritual sense - has always been a vital component of the legacy of India to the world. A Guru is one who has attained the highest wisdom. He or she has torn the veil of illusion and penetrated the truth behind apparent, conditioned phenomena. A Guru guides his shishyas to delve within and discover their own essence; we can say that he or she guides them in the art of living in a way that brings out the best in them. Since time immemorial, scriptures have extolled the virtues of a Guru and given certain guidelines that one should keep in mind when he is in the presence of someone of this caliber. In this video, Gurumaa speaks about the deep loving bond between Guru Vashishta and his dearest disciple Lord Rama, and elucidates why we should hold a Guru in the greatest esteem and respect. It is only a Guru who can teach a sincere disciple how to overcome obstacles of mind and show him that the ultimate source of all fulfilment and happiness lies within.

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