Grace, Grandeur & Glory Of Guru

9954 views | 29 Sep 2014

In this video, beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the immense significance of the profound term ‘Guru’. Since time immemorial, mystics and masters have given expression to the ageless, timeless, eternal Truth. A Sadguru is such a one, who having realised the Truth unveils it selflessly for the disciple. Only with the Sadguru’s grace does the dark ignorance of eons disappear in a flash, illuminating the mind of the disciple with wisdom. The glory of this knowledge is indeed unparalleled, for it is this which transforms the life of the disciple. The beautiful bhajan featured here eloquently and reverently expresses the love and devotion of the disciple for the Sadguru, the light of his life. Drawn from the talks by Anandmurti Gurumaa held in Nashik, 2013.

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