Dwatrimsha Naamamala Stotra

60905 views | 10 Sep 2013

Shri Durga Dwatrimsha Naamamala Stotra is a sacred garland of thirty-two names of Devi Durga, each one fragrant with her infinite grace and grandeur. This video features the vibrant chanting of these 32 names of Goddess in the sublime voice of revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa with the backdrop of soulful music. Chanting these revered names with love and devotion creates a powerful ambiance, bestows immense peace, bringing an end to the agitations of mind. This track has been drawn from the album titled 'Ananda Stotras' presenting more chants in the glory of Devi Durga along with Nirvanashatkam by Adi Shankaracharya. Chant along to experience the divine vibrations of these potent names... durgã durgãrtishamanee durgãpadvi nivãriňee| durgamachchhedinee durgasãdhinee durganãshinee||1|| durgatoddhãriňee durganihantree durgamãpahã| durgamajňãnadã durgadaityaloka davãnalã||2|| durgamã durgamãlokã durgamãtma svaroopiňee| durgamãrgapradã durgamavidyã durgamãshritã||3|| durgamajňãna samsthãnã durgamadhyãna bhãsinee| durgamohã durgamagã durgamãrtha svaroopiňee||4|| durgamãsura samhantree durgamãyudha dhãriňee| durgamãngee durgamatã durgamyã durgameshvaree||5|| durgabheemã durgabhãmã durgabhã durgadãriňee| nãmãvalimimãm yastu durgãyã mama mãnavah)||6|| paŤhet sarvabhayãnmukto bhavishyati na sanshayah)

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