Durga Demystified

21222 views | 06 Oct 2016

Who is goddess Durga? Is Durga only a female deity who rescued Gods from the ravages of demons? Is she one with eight arms, fierce eyes and a long red tongue who came into existence in the reign of terror? This video by the contemporary mystic master, Anandmurti Gurumaa, encompasses such abstruse questions and unravel the mysteries regarding the eternal existence called 'Durga'. Considering the earthen idol with certain physical attributes as the real form of Durga and restricting the all pervasive 'Shakti' within the periphery of that idol, is just a matter of ignorance. However, it is perfectly fine to house and worship an idol of Devi Durga as long as one is constantly striving to awaken the inner primordial cosmic energy because only then one is able to comprehend the profound spiritual significance of worshipping Durga. Durga is synonymous to Shakti who is personification of beauty, creativity, wisdom, mystery and profundity in this universe. Other attributes associated with Durga which are sword, bow, arrow, conch, rosary, mace and lion, symbolize power of discretion, intellect, wisdom, sound of bliss, prayerfulness, truth and fearlessness respectively. Watch this complete video to demystify the mystery of the essential nature of Goddess Durga. This video has been drawn from Sanyas Diwas celebration in Rishi Chaitanya Ashram, 2016.

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