Does A Soul Have 84 Births Or 84 Lakh Births?

12356 views | 15 Dec 2009

Q : I am a student. I belong to a Sikh family. I have just started listening to the Brahmakumaris, and during their course I was taught that a human soul takes 84 births during one cycle of time, that is 5000 years; whereas my parents say that according to Gurbani, a human soul takes 84 lakh births, and it also takes birth in species like dog, lion, snake, goat, etc. Therefore, I am confused as to what is the truth. Hence, I turn to you for your help. I really look forward to your reply, because I desperately want to know about it. I hope you would help me to come out of this confusion. Gurumaa: Dear Sukhmani, there is no need to be confused regarding the 84 births. Well, there are some scriptures which say that we have to take 84 lakh births before we get a human body. There is also a belief running in various scriptures where it is said that once you are a human being, you are always be a human being so & so forth. Sukhmani, please dont worry so much, dont put too much pressure on your head & these imaginative speculations of people have no truth at all, know this for now you are a human being & it is very much possible that before this birth you were a bird, a snake, a goat, or may be a human being, or a devi-devata & living in some heaven. But 84 lakh or just 84 births shouldnt bother you at all; as the truth is this that human life is precious. So we should take note of this & we should be focused on making this life of ours fruitful and joyful. Do not waste your time bothering whether you have to take another 84 births to finally become a human being or 84 lakh.

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