Desires Propel A New Rebirth [Part-2]

793 views | 27 May 2011

In ancient times, yoga, meditation, chanting and mantra japa were all part of one's daily routine and thus people were healthy, both in mind and body. However, with time, values have changed and sensual pleasures have become the top priority. People have forgotten that human existence is a blessing, a tool to evolve - they think they will live for eternity, that can never touch them. In this video, master Anandmurti Gurumaa shatters this unconscious belief, reminding us that life is uncertain, but is a surety. Bringing to us the powerful message of Bhagat Trilochan, master Anandmurti Gurumaa makes us aware that it is our thoughts and desires which shape our reality, particularly at the time of , so be in communion with the Lord always.

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