Definition Of Good And A Bad Karma.

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Q: Dear Gurumaa, from your discourses I learnt that a thought in itself is not good or bad...Our mind puts a tag on it based on its convenience to us. Then in your Rishikesh Shivir(winter meditation retreat) you have explained how no one can escape the fruits of karma, good or bad. So now if I know that God is not responsible for my suffering or for any good that happens to, could you please explain how I can understand who and how can one decide whether karma is good or bad? Who judges karma as what may be a good action for some; the same may be harmful to another... Is it possible to perform only good karmas when one does not yet have a higher level of consciousness? Gurumaa: Life is very tricky, life is great mystery. There are always going to be some questions which will remain unanswered & we just take some shot-puts in the darkness it may hit the bulls eye or it may not hit the bulls eye. The definition of good & bad is something which is pretty foggy & it is not easy to explain what is good & what is bad. When someone leaves family & become an ascetic - a sadhu, for world it is bad, for him it is good. Some one gets married, for some it is a great thing & for another person it might be an entrance to the hell because from now on the life is going to be topsy-turvy. So good & bad is something which is subjective. Its all dependent upon a kind of perception you have about your life & about the opinions which you might hold. As per the confusion who will decide whether it is good or bad, I believe if something uplifts you spiritually & you can sleep well in night & you are not boggled down with your own mind, then that thing is definitely very good. It might not be good for every one but it is going to be good for you; when you are not intentionally hurting someone but where your goodness & your good will is in the root of the actions which you choose to do & also you are ready to face the consequences of the choices which you are going to make. So I believe no one else but your own conscience is going to decide whether it is good or bad or whether you wish to be a party to such an act.

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