Chicken Pox: Mata Giving The Virus Of Chickenpox

83901 views | 27 Oct 2009

Jai Gurudev, Maa I had chicken pox twice in life time at the age of 33. Please give me light of knowledge about this virus. Why do people have twice or more time in their life time. First my 4 year daughter had and then I had this. I wanted to know why people say it is MATA. If MATA gives this virus why it is that? Sometimes I get scared of Maa, that if she gets angry then one may get this virus. Please advice. I think guru is everything. Guru is my maa, please answer my question maa and give me guidelines about chickenpox. Aum Pratibha Arya Pratibha Arya, please wake up we are in 21st century and all these mumbo-jumbo which is spread by these ignoramus people is just false. Mata doesnt give virus to anyone. Mata is not a virus, Mata is a Devi, Mata is a Shakti, it is a power, it is Jiwani shakti, the immunity with which you come out of all diseases, it is the Shakti with which your body is functioning and your body is in constant process of making & remaking cells & tissues in your body. Please dont listen to all those fools who consider chickenpox as a Mata. Chickenpox is not a Mata. I know about it, I remember actually in my childhood, once I got this chickenpox and my mother took me to the temple, she offered the black gram & Gur (Jaggary), and red Chunee to Mata and she made us little kids pray Mata that Mata please go away. And I was really bewildered about this as I had heard, about calling Mata to come to our homes & hearts but never asking her to go away. Well, if it is Mata then let her stay with us & I couldnt understand at that time as I was hardly six or seven years old. But this is what even I have heard many-many times from many people and it is just foolish; I can only say this much. Please take good care of yourself & may be you just need to make your immunity stronger. So have more Amla powder, grind the Amla at your home. Have more Amla, drink good nutritious drinks, eat good nutritious food, do Yoga Asana and make your body strong. No virus will ever hurt you.

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