Can We Chant Gods Name Before Taking Bath?

9800 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: I have visited many satsangs and some Gurus say that bhagawan naam (Gods name) should not be chanted before bath and after food. Is it true, if we make a Guru, do we have to remove pictures of our God and keep only Gurus photo. Is it possible to have darshan of God when we are alive? Gurumaa: Kiran, you really need to hear lot of me because yes you have heard many satsangs and gone to many Gurus but you seem to be pretty confused on many-many things & I have my own opinion & I dont know whether that will go with you or not. So first you will have to have a very broader point of view & you have to enhance your understanding about all these subjects & then you really have to patch up and be in tutelage of some Guru & some one Guru & dont just listen to too many teachers. There are hundreds of path & hundreds of teachers. So there are hundreds of teachings and which one you would follow. And all of these teachings can be very contradictory to one another. So the confusion will not go until & unless you first select with which teacher you wish to be & then follow what that teacher says.

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