Can Rudraksha Get Rid Of Negative Energy?

17619 views | 30 May 2011

Question: Does wearing rudraksha or some other thing can help to get rid of negative energy? Gurumaa: I am sorry, I know you would like to hear the answer as yes, but that is not what I believe in. Although I am myslf wearing the tulsi mala, it is not to appease Vishnu or to ward off negative energies; I just like the tulsi, and also the rudraksha. Some say that there are physical benefits, but today on television there are people who have great vested selfish interests that they are selling their rudraksha beads as if it will take away all your worries and stress, they are making fools of people and making money off of it, and there are thousands people who are becoming fools by buying kavach and mala and rudraksha hoping that this would take away all of their problems and stress. If you like, and have an affinity to Vishnu, as a symbol to bring you closer, then wearing the tulsi mala will keep reminding you about Vishnu. If you choose to wear the rudraksha, it will keep on reminding you about Shiva. Vishnu is the preserving energy, and Shiva is the omniscient macrosocsmic energy, so this is one way of bringing your mind back to divinity.

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