Birhani Mandir Diyara Baar

2016 views | 11 Oct 2013

All that is divine, all that is beautiful, all that can take you to the transcendental, is contained in this bhajan penned by Yaari Sahib. It talks about the lamp that burns without any wick or oil. Seems impossible, but it is true! It is the lamp of meditation illuminating the life of an ascetic who is able to light it with the boundless grace of master. Sung by Suresh Wadkar on the occasion of Sanyas Diwas Celebration (2012) of revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa, it inspires one and all to contemplate deeply and make efforts to tread the path of inward evolution. For it is only by striving dedicatedly that one can explore the mystery of lighting this lamp within and experience its eternal illumination.

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