Aao Aao Shyama Ji | Krishna Bhajan | Devotional

6097 views | 27 Aug 2023

"Extending a heartfelt invitation to Lord Krishna, 'Aao Aao Shyam Ji Zara Khel Hum Khelije' is in khadi boli, a dialect of the Hindi language which is slowly fading out. It creates a celebrative ambience filled with devotion and spiritual fervor, giving a glimpse of the playful bond of camaraderie and love between the deity and the devoted Gopis. It is also an invitation to devotees to immerse themselves in the divine leela (play) of Lord Krishna and experience the blissful union with the Supreme. This captivating bhajan will have you sing along, and as you do so, let your heart be filled with love and grace of the divine Lord. It has been beautifully sung by revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa, drawn from the retreat held at Rishikesh in 2017"

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