Bahot Janam Bichhre They Madho

58666 views | 27 Nov 2013

The true lover of the Lord is not satisfied with mere lip service - his love is much deeper, much stronger and much more elevating. In spite of being such a pious loving person who has realised the ultimate truth within himself, Sant Ravidas is full of so much humility, saying that he is the lowest of the low. He is not offering things, wealth, money or food items, but the most precious thing of all - his very being, his life, surrendering his ego at the feet of the Lord. And this is out of sheer devotion, not wanting anything in return. It has been essentially explained and sung by revered mystic Anandmurti Gurumaa, giving most poignant expression to these loftiest of human emotions, in this featured video drawn from Special Retreat for Seekers From Outside India, in November 2013.

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