राम तजूँ पै गुरु न बिसारूँ | Sant Sahjo Bai Pada

11508 views | 03 Dec 2022

The grace of a Satguru and His overflowing love towards the disciple is unprecedented and unparalleled. When a disciple comes to this realisation, he can't hold himself from putting His Gurudev on the highest pedestal- even above Ishwara. 'Rama Taju Pai Guru Na Bisaru' is an epic composition of Sant Sahjo Bai Ji, which she wrote as an ode to Her beloved Gurudev Sant Charan Das Ji. Listen to this Pada in the mellifluous voice of revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa and soak in the expression of love and immense gratitude towards the Master.

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