Along With A Master, Can We Have Association With Other Saints?

343 views | 10 Jul 2009

Question: Can one have a Master and be attracted to another saint - is it a quest for a deeper connection? Answer: Well, I don't know. You have used this word 'attraction' - now what does that mean? If you have a Master, then I think one Master is more than sufficient for one lifetime, and there is no need to get 'attracted' to others. Mind is always looking for conveinience. It might seem convienient that some saint is in closer proximity, I am OK with that, but what about that Master that you are saying is your Master? It means that you are not following your Master, you have not understood the Master, there is no communion with the Master. It would be better if you didn't say you have a Master, but rather I have associations with some saints, some close some far.

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