Aa Dekh Le Bahar | Swami Ramtirth Poetry

17644 views | 12 Feb 2019

Beautiful poetry of Swami Ramtirth 'Aa Dekh Le Bahar' by revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Featured video has been drawn from meditation retreat in Rishikesh 2018.
Meaning of poetry
Come! behold the spring, for what a beauty it is! It is the shore of the ganges, what a picturesque verdure
The clouds and the wind drift along with the scent of happiness
What a beautiful waterfall on the delightful mountain
The sound of the Ganges, melodious! How delicious it is...
The time of Eid has come, and lo! the spectacle is ready
The florets have adorned rouge on their cheeks
When my eye meets the royal skies
My face blushes like a new bride
Are these dew drops or strings of pearls?
Sunrays have woven itself with waves delicately
Oh Murgaan bird! Why are you sad?
Sing & dance! For now the dark night has ended!
Master is offering such wine that physical desires are defeated
Wow! What delicious meal of the meat of sadness
My beloved is happiest and I am aloof from all
Whose sight is like pure wine and what is in my sight is giving joy to my heart.

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