Today, a quantum physicist will agree on the statement that the whole gross world is manifested on the foundation of consciousness. A physicist will say that what we see as a building is just atoms moving at such high speed that it seems like it is still. If we go to the foundation of the building and inspect a tiny grain of sand with a microscope, there will be no sand, just atoms. The scientists are still debating whether the atom is a particle or a wave! What we say is solid, they say it is a myth.

There is nothing solid. Whatever we are seeing is the manifestation of the consciousness alone. And physicists agree with that! Vedanta says that you are the ever-conscious One, but because of the thick veil of dark ignorance, you are unfamiliar with your own true self. We see this solid gross body as our self, but it is not true at all. If we can peel off the first layer of the physical, elemental presence of this body, there is a subtler area of the senses, and if we keep on peeling off, we find even subtler layer, which is our mind. Behind the mind is the intellect. And finally beyond the intellect is YOU!

It is like exploring your own true self within this frame called body. There is an example of a child saying, ‘I don’t believe in gravity because I have never seen gravity.’ But can you see gravity? Same applies to somebody who says, ‘I have never seen Atman, the true self, that is why it does not exist.’ You also cannot say that the Eiffel Tower in Paris does not exist just because you have not seen it! It is an illogical statement. Vedanta goes a step ahead. It says, that you are the ever-conscious absolute existence that can also be called God.