Thoughts are a consequence of our senses, for they are the gates through which all information enters the mind. This gathered information, then, gets processed and stored by the mind. Some goes into short term memory and some into long term memory layer. Mind absorbs everything indiscriminately; the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The moment you close your eyes; you will see what filth you have collected, knowingly or unknowingly, in your own mind. On the other hand, if you sit with closed eyes and the mind is thoughtless (and you are not asleep!); then know that the mind is in a deep meditative state. This is, however, a rare experience because ordinarily your mind resides in a disturbed state. Too many memories, too many thoughts, too many projections about the future indicates that your mind is in highly restless state.

Thoughts are a creation of your own mind; you cannot blame anybody else for your thoughts. Some people believe that if they could only sit in a remote cave and never hear anybody, never have any outer distraction; their mind would be very quiet. But that is not true. For, even in the cave there will be plenty of distraction – there will be creeping crawling insects, it will be too cold, or you will be hungry and thirsty. The mind will come up with something to think about, to obsess over.

The solution is to face the mind wherever you are with the use of your wisdom. You decide what to see, what to hear, what to read, what to watch. Create an environment that is good for you. Use your intellect and imbibe the right type of knowledge. Do not just satisfy the senses. Then, step by step, the mind will start to calm down and you will feel happy and content without any external reason. You will create a beautiful positive space inside you and around you, which will attract all the good things in your life.